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Reynold S.

I was in a motor vehicle accident in 2011, a friend of mine recommended the Law Firm of Jaray & Webster. While I was in consultation with David Webster, he informed me about what legal rights that I had and my case potential. My case was dealing with an on the job injury or worker’s compensation case (WCC), as well as a personal injury case. Due to the laws surrounding the cases, David made me aware of the legal rights and privileges that were available to me regarding this case. David Webster and his staff used and exhausted every resource that was accessible to them and came out with a favorable result for me. The Law Firm of Jaray & Webster helped me with all things pertaining to this case and I would recommend them to everyone who needs a great lawyer. Making sure that all medical bills and therapy was fully paid, also mileage and sick pay that was appropriate was also paid. For me, this Law Firm did all of these things and more according to the laws that governs our workforce in the state of Colorado. They treated me as part of the family and went out on a limb for me while doing a very efficient job. Jaray & Webster gives their clients the best in lawyer/client relationships and will be very professional and proficient in their work. They are an excellent Law Firm, with an awe-inspiring staff, and I recommend them for your professional law needs.

Carol H.

I sustained serious injuries in June 2010 when a truck ran into my motor scooter. It was my family who suggested I might need a lawyer. In those first few weeks I was overwhelmed and fairly incapacitated. Meanwhile, my daughter did some research on the personal injury lawyers in Colorado Springs. She noticed the law practice of Jaray and Webster had a reputation of being knowledgeable and caring. Ken actually came to my house where I was convalescing. I was impressed with his professional yet personable demeanor. And he was very reassuring that I would be able to get what I needed to take care of my medical needs. I was quite relieved that I would not have to deal with insurance and bills. It actually lightened my load and helped me to put my energy into healing. I met with Ken and/or Dave on a regular basis. They also sent me copies of all their correspondences with the insurance company. They consulted with me on every step of the way. Whenever I had a question they responded quickly with an answer. Healing took longer than I initially anticipated. I will forever be grateful to Dave for guiding me to resources that helped me understand the extent of my injuries. Cindy is knowledgeable and very caring. She was instrumental in helping me manage an issue with the insurance company. Stephanie is warm and engaging. She always made me feel like she was happy to see me and willing to do what she could to help me. They were all genuinely concerned about my well being and would call just to ask how I was doing. Also, I am in awe of how they live what they preach. Their community involvement is impressive. They established the Restorative Mediation Project. Ken is a founder of the Pike Peak Challenge. And they are aligned with the Brain Injury Alliance of Colorado and Association for Conflict resolution. This speaks volumes about them. They settled the case providing me with enough funds to cover my needs. I feel fortunate, both professionally and personally, that I had the opportunity to work with them.


I was the victim of a head on car accident due to a drunk driver making a poor decision. I had a lot of medical costs and did not know where to start when it came to finding a lawyer. The one thing that I did know was that I wanted someone I could talk to easily and who would understand me. I met with many lawyers, but when I came to the Law Firm of Jaray and Webster they made me feel like I was welcome and that they were really going to work with me during this process. They did not talk to me in the “lawyer talk” where I couldn’t understand what was happening, nor did they try to sugar coat anything during my case. I was able to contact them through the whole process and they were always available to talk if I needed anything. This office works as a team and everyone is so friendly and it really made my process a lot less stressful for me. If you are looking for a great lawyer- I suggest this law firm. They will get the job done and will keep you included through the whole process. Thank you for everything you all have done.

Candace R.

“I chose your firm for your excellent reputation for being fair and compassionate. I was unable to function with a brain injury, so whenever I called, I had the confidence that it would be taken care of and I didn’t have to worry.”

Velvet M.

In 2003, My family and I were involved in a serious multi-car accident on the interstate, in which I suffered serious injuries to my feet and leg. Those injuries caused me to lose my job and required 5 surgeries to walk normally again. I called Jaray and Webster after the insurance company offered my son (who was uninjured) compensation for his trip to the ER, but refused to compenate me for my injuies. Ken Jaray looked over my case and gave me good, honest guidance on how I should proceed. I retained Mr. Jaray immediately, and it was the best decision I could have made. Ken Jaray and his staff are a knowledgable group of individuals who truly care about their clients. They all made me feel welcome and comfortable to speak openly about my case. They handled my case as if it were of the uttmost importance. They dealt with the bill collectors and the insurance companies, which took a load off my shoulders. They quickly handled the settlement with my insurance company and although we had to go to trial for the settlement against the other drivers insurance, Jaray and Webster won that settlement as well. Jaray and Webster really helped me get my life back to normal. In 2011, my son and I were involved in another nasty car accident. This time, my son received the more serious injuries. Jaray and Webster are the only attorneys I would trust to represent us. They have started working on this case, and we are already seeing results. I will never regret calling Jaray and Webster